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‘Facebook rapist’ forced into crime

Titian's image of the rape of Lucretia

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He said he knew he was sought across the country for crimes including murder.

Soobramany described Bester as a danger to society, saying what he had done had caused trauma to his victims, which would stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Bester, who used aliases including Thomas, was arrested last Wednesday in Alberton, south of Johannesburg.

He was dubbed the “Facebook rapist” because he used social media to lure women. He told them international modelling scouts were interested in them and then met them in person. Bester would then rape and rob them at knifepoint.

He was expected to be taken to Gauteng at the weekend to face other charges there, including murder.


via Abused ‘Facebook rapist’ forced into crime


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Removing directors: even minority shareholders now have a foot in the door

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The board must then call a meeting of directors to determine the matter (the director concerned may, of course, not vote on the matter). It is interesting that there is no specific protection in section 71 against vexatious or frivolous allegations made by a shareholder. The board must, regardless of the merit in the shareholder’s allegation, at the very least convene a meeting to determine the matter.

via Legalbrief – Removing directors: even minority shareholders now have a foot in the door.

Looks like government’s new tactic to perform cou-de-etats on white-owned businesses – just oust the director and carry on! Can you imagine private sector devolving into the shambles government has already reduced the public sector to?

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