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SA Gov managing to lose jobs

Congress of South African Trade Unions

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The Congress of South African Trade Unions fully backs SACCAWU‘s appeal – to be heard on 20-21 October 2011 – against the decision of the Competition Tribunal to approve the Massmart-Walmart merger.

The federation also fully supports the three government ministers who are calling for a legal review of the Tribunal decision, based on their fact that the Tribunal unreasonably denied government departments access to information in the possession of the merging parties and took a far too narrow view of the merger.

The Competition Act requires the Tribunal to consider the competition and public interest effects of a proposed merger – whether it promotes employment and advances the social and economic welfare of South Africans – and not just the narrow interests of the firms who intend to merge.

In particular, COSATU insists that the application needs to be judged against the background of the job-loss bloodbath which has hit the country in recent years. Unemploymenttoday stands at 36, 6%, greater than any other middle-income country or any comparable economy.

The labour market has been depressed for so long that many unemployed people are getting discouraged and leave the labour market for good – too discouraged to look for a job.

via Politicsweb – Walmart intent on pillaging Africa – COSATU


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SA is fast becoming a hellhole like Zimbabwe

IT WILL take black people in South Africa another 127 years to get into top management positions relative to their number in the economically active population, the Employment Equity Commission says

via Top management jobs still go to whites – Sowetan LIVE

If the country had been transhifted over 127 years and not overnight, maybe it would be in as good a state as big business and more people would have jobs, shelter, electricity, etc.

As things stand the country is far worse off than 17 years ago and is fast becoming a hellhole like Zimbabwe.

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Why Jeffrey Sachs is wrong about sweatshops

What we need is a new economics, one that can think beyond the limited boundaries of neoliberal ideology and make an effort to construct a more humane and democratic world. The question is not whether we have the ability to do this, but whether we have the courage.

via Jason Hickel » Why Jeffrey Sachs is wrong about sweatshops.

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